ELAFLEKS® DINP is used in a diverse range of industrial products such as electrical wire and cables, flexible PVC sheeting, coated fabrics, automotive parts, building and construction (waterproofing), vinyl flooring, footwear, sealings, lamination film.


– Compared to DOP, a lower viscosity paste can be obtained.
– Since its migration is low, it extends the service life of plastic goods.
– It provides volumetric advantage since its density is lower than DOP.
– It ensures that PVC pastes can be stored at the same viscosity for a longer time.
– Its use is not restricted according to the Reach statute.
– Provides electrical resistance.
– It does not cause any change in the chemical structure of the polymer. It provides the desired change in physical and mechanical properties.
– In general, it can gel all polymeric materials easily and quickly.
– It provides the product with the desired elasticity.