ELAFLEKS® DOA is especially suited for PVC products requiring good low temperature flexibility. Therefore it can used as primary or secondary plasticizer in PVC products requiring better performance in low temperature. Moreover, ELAFLEKS® DOA meets the legislation for use in food-contact applications. Therefore be used for flexible PVC cling films for foods and for industrial packaging as well.


– It increases the fluidity of plastisols as it provides low viscosity when used alone or together with other plasticizers.
– It provides excellent flexibility to the product even at low temperatures and prevents breakage.
– Does not contain phthalates.
– Provides volumetric advantage since its density is low.
– It provides the product with the desired elasticity.
– Provides electrical resistance.
– It does not cause any change in the chemical structure of the polymer.
– It provides the desired change in physical and mechanical properties.
– In general, it can gel all polymeric materials easily and quickly.