ELAFLEKS® TOTM is suggested as a plasticizer for use where extreme low volatility is required. ELAFLEKS® TOTM provides good electrical properties. Especially used in where better insulation need, for example, automotive internal parts. ELAFLEKS® TOTM is suitable alone. Or can be blended with other plasticizers to optimize cost.


– TOTM does not contain ortho phthalate esters, the use of which is restricted or prohibited, especially in European Union countries.
– TOTM It is a plasticizer with high boiling point and good low temperature performance. Therefore, it shows resistance to deterioration between wide temperatures.
– TOTM It is a material that is highly resistant to chemical agents and external effects, and therefore it resists yellowing with the effect of light while being processed. (Supports heat and light stabilizers).
– TOTM It has high dielectric resistance and is especially used in applications requiring insulation (cable) such as 105 °C.
– TOTM It is a good complement to polymeric plasticizers to be used and a good alternative to plasticizers such as Dioctyl Sabecate.
– TOTM It gives excellent results in products where high volatility resistance is desired. It is especially preferred in applications where very low fogging (smoke) at high temperatures and very good cracking resistance at low temperatures are required (automotive, cable…)
– TOTM can withstand 210 °C / 4 hours of acid vapor
– It does not cause any change in the chemical structure of the polymer.
– In general, all polymeric materials can be gelled easily and quickly.